Tern Analytics
Complex Solution

Designed for building corporate information and analytical systems in various economy sectors.

Tasks you can solve with Tern Analytics

Data integration

Data extraction from various sources, including databases, structured and unstructured files. Conversion, cleaning and loading.


Reports generating on selected indicators using the graphical interface for subsequent numerical and statistical data analysis.

Analysis & Visualization

Data view in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams etc.

Data analysis at all enterprise levels

(CEO, CIO, CMO etc.)

  • Situational center
  • Dashboards
  • Plan/Actual Analysis
  • Mobile solutions


  • Custom queries and reporting
  • Visual management
  • «What— if» analysis
  • Hidden dependencies, forecast models before sales, investment optimization


  • Teamwork, private access to own reports
  • Scheduling
  • Emails

Tern Analytics Function modules



Сounterparties аnalysis

Payments balance

Credit portfolio

Each module includes data mart model for specific subject field, universe (user semantic layer) and set of report’s samples.

Using example the Сounterparties Analysis module

The Counterparty verification system is a solution allowing you to check and find out the company you are working with.
Tern Analytics can help you to find out the real state of affairs of the customer.

Tern Analytics Benefits

Low cost of software product licenses as part of the solution compared to separate purchase of licenses and provision of consulting services.
High-quality support at all stages of implementation, commissioning and subsequent technical support.
Training in working with the system for business users and administrators can take place both on the customer’s territory and in the training center of the Tern Company.
Extensive set of pre-installed components needed to get started with the system quickly, which include:

  • Industry Data Warehouse model
  • Universe (business objects are grouped by Industries)
  • ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading)
  • Pre-defined set of reports
  • Dashboards set

Tern Analytics - the solution is already there!

Do you want to get a ready-made solution for building a business analysis system, reduce costs and time for implementation?
Contact us, we will help you solve your problems as efficiently as possible without unnecessary costs in the shortest possible time.

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